Suggestions for raising the confidence in a school going child


Self-esteem is one of the measures by which you can get mental health and happiness. The same holds true for your child. Children also have self-esteem of their own and it is highly crucial to take care so that it could be nurtured in a positive manner. Here are some guidelines which could help to boost confidence in young children:

Perform attachment parenting: Place yourself in the baby’s shoes and feel like him/her. Your baby might have experienced the feelings of love and anger both. Try to be responsive for every reaction and be consistent and quick. This will enhance the child’s confidence.

Playing catch-up: You might be well-acquainted with some of the parenting styles, but it is not necessary that you learn all of them. Some babies are extremely resilient and they are not easily understandable, but it is never too late to initiate and practice those habits which can boost up the confidence in a young child. This sort of nurture helps to gather the self-worth of the child and can also help to repair the odd behaviors.

Parents can raise the confidence in their children.
Parents can raise the confidence in their children

Enhance your own self-confidence: The self-esteem of a child is learned, not something inherited. There are certain features of character which are learned in every generation, like anger and fear. When you become a parent, you can instill those traits which could help to raise a confident child. If you are not having much confidence, then you can think of those ways by which your child can become confident. The first step to this is easy, take small steps to heal up your confidence first and then start to bring it up in the child.

Be realistic: You cannot become a smiling emoticon all the time because obviously you are a human being. Your child must be well acquainted with the fact that parents could also have some down days. Children could also judge through fake cheerfulness. So try to be realistic in front of them.