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I’ve checked on various Bravesword badminton rackets throughout the years. With the news from the Victor camp that they were pulling back the Bravesword reach to supplant it with Jetspeed extent, envision my shock when they declared the presentation of Bravesword 9N. I don’t comprehend the rationale behind the presentation of this racket by any stretch of the imagination, then again I’ll never ague with the dispatch of a quality Bravesword racket.

Whilst I can enigmatically recollect the first BS9, I don’t mean to attempt and think about this new painted form in light of the fact that my memory is not that great, particularly subsequent to testing more than 50 rackets following.

On To My Guide

The Bravesword 9N landed in the new style covers from Victor in dark and dim. They’re a decent quality spread thus vastly improved than the ghastly material sacks that Jetspeeds are displayed in. This is a 4U G5 form so promptly I’m careful. Why for heaven’s sake do we require another 4U Bravesword? We as of now have Bravesword 12L with comparable specs aside from the grasp size.

It’s typical for top of the line Victor rackets to arrive unstrung. As the racket will stay with me as one of my demos, I hung 24lbs in VS850. We should see what happens…

It’s Hitting Time

Not surprisingly, there’s the commonplace super-quick swing rate of the Bravesword. This, combined with the lighter weight made BR9N a quick casing. Shockingly, I appreciated the vibe of the hit and identify some head weight which is valuable. The racket is genuinely solid as well.

Overhead Performance

My clears were more grounded than anticipated which could be down to the somewhat lighter head contrasted with my Thruster 9000. Nonetheless, I delighted in the experience taking note of that I could in any case feel the head which I consider to be an imperative viewpoint while picking a racket.

Drop shots were truly fresh and sharp. I truly delighted in the swing velocity here making clasp returns basic with next to no development. It’s likewise simple to play those half shots as well, taking the pace off the bus enough to put in the forecourt. Cut returns were additionally snappier and the magnificence with a marginally lighter racket is the additional wrist I can use in the shot.

Onto the crush. Whilst the racket is quick, I saw a lessening in my hitting force. This was normal. It wasn’t excessively unfavorable. Interestingly I have viewed different players utilize this racket to awesome impact. The three players who have tried it have all needed to purchase it. None of them had the same issue with force era. Stamp still figured out how to hit his thunderbolts so I translate this positively and that the racket is sufficiently intense.

Level drives and pushes were a doddle. The racquet appears to have another apparatus for these trades. You don’t have to crush much to get a decent result.


The velocity and delicacy of the casing made guarding a delight. There’s something great about having the capacity to hold fast, certain that your adversaries must produce an amazing shot to constrain a weaker answer. Basically, this racket shields well!

Net Area

I generally appreciate playing at the net, attempting to overwhelm and threaten my adversary. Bravesword 9N gives that extra touch and speed I get a kick out of the chance to accomplish my objectives. This is one range of the court where lighter rackets ought to sparkle and BR9N conveys without asking excessively. It’s truly speedy for those extremely vital capture attempts.

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Bravesword 9N is unquestionably a decent racket. The lighter edge gives numerous points of interest and not very many niggles. With my present harm, BR9N has out of the blue turn into my racket of decision and my TK9000 stays in my sack.

As I said toward the start of this audit, I’m puzzled this racket has been discharged considering Victor are pulling back the Bravesword arrangement for the new Jetspeed. This is a notorious arrangement and will be remembered fondly. So, we should commend the landing of BS9N which ought to ideally be around for a year or two.

RRP is $140 and online stores have as of now marked down to just shy of $100. As I would like to think you are getting a deal here. Players who have tried officially affirmed they wish to submit a request which I think says a lot for the racket.

I’ve expressed on numerous events on how I appreciate Victor Bravesword arrangement. It’s a disgrace there are not more casings in this reach with a lower value point in light of the fact that I consider they will be greatly effective. On the other hand, considering BS9N is no doubt the last Bravesword to be presented, how about we praise and appreciate the truth it’s here.

Weighing up the different variables and the astounding cost, I’ll honor Bravesword 9N four stars. I’m an awesome aficionado of the Bravesword extend and think of you as ought to attempt one whilst you have the shot. This racket suits such a variety of playing styles and is without uncertainty an okay all-roun

Food Dehydration Mania


Food dehydration is becoming so popular in recent times. Why not? Considering how expensive store-bough produce can be, it’s definitely a good idea to create your own.

Dried foods require a simple process. Simply place your food on the best food dehydrator you can find, wait a few hours and it’ll be ready. You’ll be able to make foods like:

  • banana chips
  • dried strawberries
  • apple chips
  • beef jerky
  • fish jerky
  • home-made yoghurt
  • chicken jerky
  • dried herbs
  • dried spicesfoods

As you can see, the list of possibilities is endless. Not to mention all of the health benefits available. It’s recommended people who are trying to lose weight consume dried foods. Since they’re a healthy alternative. Rather than watching TV and divulging in potato chips or candy bars, one can treat themselves to some tasty banana chips.

Another benefit is the preservation properties of food dehydration. These techniques were used in ancient times by our ancestors. They would place all of their food in the open sun to create the process naturally. This would then remove all of the moisture and remove any possibility of microbes forming. Experts say that properly dried foods can last up to 30 years!

Nandos – An Interesting Experience


I recently went to Nando’s for the first time in my life. I had heard amazing things about it from almost everyone I’ve met. I like their website and there’s plenty information available, like menus, nutritional content, allergens etc. So I thought I’d give it a try. nandos

Myself and my girl as of late ate out at Nando’s close Kings Cross after we had been to the theater on a Saturday night. It was around 9pm. When we arrived the staff were exceptionally inviting and cordial. We didn’t need to sit tight ache for a table . As we have eaten at Nando’s in Hull before on a few events we knew rapidly what we needed and put in our request. The sustenance arrived not long after this and was incredible. However 3/4 of the path through our dinner a youthful server came up and requested that we remain up so she could move our table to make more space for a greater gathering . I thought it was extremely discourteous and I didn’t feel esteemed. All she needed to do was sit tight for 5 mins and we would have got done with eating. The enormous party arrived and they asked the server to take a few photographs . She fiercely bent over and almost elbowed my little girl in the face. She didn’t apologize . So despite the fact that I like the menu from Nando’s I wouldn’t come back to that one due to the administration. Each client ought to be esteemed not simply enormous gatherings.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience and will definitely try the different chains across the country. I do like how they have rewards cards and I’ve heard about the nandos black card but its extremely secretive. I guess everyone wants free food, don’t they?

Which shampoo do you need?


In today’s article we shall look at different types of shampoo and how they affect individuals hair type. I will cover, greasy hair, dry hair, damaged hair and dandruff hair. I understand having one of these combinations can be a frustrating experience and will help you pick the best, correct shampoo for the hair type.

Greasy Hair Shampoo – Do they work?

Many times, a person can be a ploy to the clever marketing techniques the beauty companies work. Some work, some don’t. For this article, I carefully selected two shampoo’s that are extremely effective in managing greasy hair. Shampoo number one, is the best shampoo for greasy hair. L’Oreal Pure Resource Purifying Shampoo is a magnificent shampoo that aids the stripping of the excess oil – it actually works!

Number two. Opalis cream shampoo is another that actually works in the grease stripping process. Some people claim that they can leave their hair without washing for up to 4 days.


A shampoo for dry hair

Salon Science Retextuluxe Shampoo is a lovely shampoo for those with extra dry hair. It has many lovely moisture capturing properties that really help the hair maintain it’s natural moisture. It is also recommended for other hair types, except oily hair for obvious reasons. If you wish to buy this shampoo, look here.

Can damaged hair be helped?

Actually, yes it can. With the right shampoo and managing it can be (stop bleaching your hair and scorching with the flat iron). Kérastase Ciment Anti-Usure is strongly recommended by many beauty experts. It has the perfect combination of ingredients to help the hair recover to its natural state. Why not give it a go?

The best shampoo for dandruff hair

Alpecin Dandruff Killer Shampoo is an awesome dandruff shampoo that is gentle enough for every day use. It’s no wonder Alpecin has a great shampoo while they continue to deliver killer products like this. It has dual action technology which helps cleanse the hair for thorough clean and excels in the process of removing the dandruff. A must buy for anyone with dandruff-ridden hair.

Thanks for reading and contact me if you need any extra help.